This important information will help keep your tiles looking their best for many years to come. Follow these simple instructions:

Prior to Installation:

  • Check that the product and quantities are correct.
  • Conduct a test run or ‘dry lay’ to determine where cuts will need to be made.
    Important note: Final Installation of the product constitutes full acceptance.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Regular inspection is the best way to keep your tiles in good condition.
  • DO NOT use acid or detergent based cleaners on your tiles.
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles do not need to be sealed. Always seal natural stone and cement tiles.
  • We recommend using PH neutral tile cleaners or warm water mixed with white vinegar; four parts water to one part vinegar.
  • Tiles can be cleaned with a steam mop.
  • For a deep clean, use a soft bristle broom with a PH neutral tile cleaner.

Recommended Products:

NPS (Natural-look Penetrating Sealer) A solvent based penetrating sealer that is suited to porous dense stones, or highly honed or polished stone. The slower drying time of NPS allows for greater penetration into the tighter surfaces.  
Pre Seal A water based penetrating sealer designed for the pre sealing of natural stone during the laying process. Protects against oil and waterborne staining. Pre sealing also helps to stop the glue transfer on natural stone.  
Premium Grout Sealer Aerosol A solvent based penetrating sealer designed specifically for sealing grout joints. Ideal for kitchen splashbacks, shower recesses and large format porcelain tiles. Keeps grout looking like new and improves cleanability.  
Microfibre Applicator An easy to use tool for sealing a wide variety of tile & stone surfaces, allowing greater control of application with minimum agitation.  
Neutral Cleaner An environmentally friendly pH neutral detergent that is safe to use on any stone or tile surface. Neutral cleaner can be used on sealed stone without damaging the stone or compromising the performance of the sealer. A streak-free formula that is great for cleaning not only tiles and stone, but when added to a spray bottle is also great for cleaning windows and mirrors around the house.  
HDC (Heavy Duty Cleaner) A super-alkaline detergent designed to clean long term built in grease and grime. Not recommended for use on sensitive polished stone.  
Safe Acid An organic salt formula used for grout haze removal on newly laid tiles. Not recommended for use on natural stone as it will etch the surface. For grout haze removal on natural stone use either Neutral Cleaner or HDC.  
Rejuvenate A pH neutral cleaner with a water based sealer mixed into the formula. Easy spray and wipe action, cleans and seals at the same time. Great for maintenance of already sealed surfaces.  
Doodle Bug A multi-directional attachment head that clamps onto a broom handle for ease of cleaning. Comes with 3 different grades of nylon pads for versatile cleaning of any tile or stone.  
Scourer Pads Suitable graded scourer pads for cleaning your tiles with recommended products from the Spirit Sealers & Cleaners range.  
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