Southern Cross is not currently hiring but if you would like to send your CV as part of an Expression of Interest,
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Southern Cross Ceramics is the largest tile decorating company in Australia. Designing and producing decorated tiles at its
head office in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs. The company produces and distributes an extensive array of decorated tiles to
all of the major tile retailers in Australia and overseas. Our designers provide us with a world class product and as such, our product
is well known and highly regarded by all the major Tile Retailers.Southern Cross Ceramics is continuing to implement a range
of new initiatives in relation to decorated products. Sales are rapidly expanding as is our need for suitably qualified and
committed staff in all areas of the company.
Southern Cross employees are encouraged to develop their skills, both on the job and through outside
training, depending on their needs. We believe strongly in internal promotion and career development
and as the company expands there will always be future employment opportunities.
Competitive salaries – Southern Cross offers salaries competitive with the market and corresponding to
the qualifications and experience of the individual.A safe work environment – Health and Safety is a key part
of our values and the company is committed to providing its employees with the highest safety standards.
Flexibility and diversity – We encourage diversity within the workplace and provide flexible work environments
to ensure a balance between work and private commitments and meeting staff needs where possible.
The company is committed to be a successful Australian manufacturer and is continually seeking to develop a
strong passion for quality with a customer focus across the company. We work in an
industry that demands an ability to continuously adapt and improve our products and the way we service our customers and we expect
all staff to be aware of that challenge.

Southern Cross operates six days per week as we believe all staff should have a day of rest. Despite this, we are
moving to a 24hour per day 6 days per week operation. The company also has a set of standards in relation
behaviour values and ethics. These include honesty, integrity and commitment to both the company and our
customers, all staff are expected to abide by these standards.